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Did you know that the first 5 minutes of your day really matter? 

Instead of waking up to a negative news recap or mindless social media scroll, let a couple of sisters help you out with some motivation, inspiration and laughter! 


Within the first 5 minutes of waking up, your subconscious mind is still a bit active from its sleep state, this means that what you consume in this timeframe can really affect your mood, attitude and happenings for the day. 


Ideally, we would all lay in bed right after waking and “Omm” out for a minute in gratitude and bliss. But if you’re anything like us, looking at your phone first thing in the morning is a tough-to-break habit, and sometimes even helps you wake up when we don’t want to (move aside, snooze button).


Here’s the thing, when we immediately scroll google news, open Reddit or instagram and begin consuming content, we can’t guarantee it’s going to positively affect us and set us up for a great day.


Enter: The Daily Quest!


The Daily Quest is a straight-to-you morning motivation. An early email delivering you 5 minutes of positive mentorship, bringing you inspiration from famous mentors, quick positive teaching and an action to take to set you out right. 


Best part? You choose how you learn! Are you a listener? Tune in to the 5 minute podcast episode! Reading more your speed? The 5 minute blog is just for you!


Join us on The Daily Quest and start your day off right!