• Kay & Shi

The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap - February 20th, 2020

Besides being just a little Disney obsessed, there’s another reason we’re featuring a Disney movie today! While you guys are out on the questin’ trail with Princess Tiana, we are quite literally on a plane to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Florida! We’re actually waving at you from above with our husbands and kids right now ;)

We can’t wait to relive the magic of Disney with our kids - because magic really DOES exist! And that is what this quote is all about!

So - maybe you don’t believe in magic, per se. But, why NOT make the wish and shoot your shot? Besides, believing - making a wish - holding an intention - delighting in the moment to just SEE the magic that already exists - can help you attract more of just that!

While the evening star that shines bright isn’t that crazy of a miracle, the fact that the beauty of a star (millions of miles away from here) graces us with its light to dot the night sky - is magic in and of itself!

Magic is in the air any day and any night...but if we don’t ASK...sometimes things don’t happen.

Let’s think about this: asking is another word for seeking - and if we are looking around and intentionally trying to know and figure out the next steps to making our dreams come true - we will find them! But - if we never take the time to even know what we want and ask for it - how would we even recognize (let alone appreciate) the magic when we see it? By asking for clarity, next steps, or knowing what to do - THIS is how we invite more magic into our lives!

Wishing you could listen for yourself? Ask and you shall receive! Hear the podcast right here!